‘I Now Run Retreats Abroad’

 Ioana Ak – Health Coach

 ‘The only college that matched my vision’

Gabriele Dargyte – Health Coach

‘I now empower clients to make positive changes’

Izzy Walton – Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

‘I practise health coaching into my law firm’

Christina Ioannou – Health Coach & Solicitor

‘The importance of Health Coaches’

Dr Jasmeen Mehta – NHS GP

‘I am the best version of myself’

Ioana Akdogan – Health Coach

 ‘I’m working in a career that gives me a purpose’

Emily Braybrooke – Health Coach

 ‘My clients are men at a vulnerable time in their lives’

 Jennifer Duffy – Health Coach

 ‘Society needs support in this area now more than ever’

Fiona Bleetman – Health Coach

 ‘I was determined to find the answers my doctor struggled to help with’

Izabela Banaskiewicz – Health Coach

 ‘I realised the potential of natural medicine’

 Laura Cookson – Health Coach

 ‘I Adore Being a Compassionate Messenger for Hope and Healing’

Simona Bitmate – Health Coach

 ‘I was always passionate about holistic approaches’

Binan Madani – Health Coach

 ‘From Medical Doctor to Health Coach’

Rhyanne El-Nazer – Health Coach

 ‘I wanted the weight of an official qualification’

Susan Hollywood – Health Coach

‘I can really help people with their wellbeing’

Jessica Keplinger – Women’s Health Coach

‘I get to empower others daily’

Siân Elizabeth – Health Coach

‘Health Coaching healed my body’

Megan Al-Ghailani – Health Coach

‘The Knowledge I Gained Was Mind-blowing’

Nicola Buckley – Health Coach

‘I’m seeing clients from all over the world’

Lauren Lewis – Health Coach

‘My Health Coaching Business is Growing Day by Day’

Claire Dent – Health Coach

 ‘My Personal Health Journey Hasn’t Always Been Smooth’

Wendy Ranft – Health Coach

 ‘The opportunities are boundless’

Hema Rathod – Health Coach

 ‘Post Graduation: Jessica Legore on Corporate Health Coaching’

Jessica Legore – Health Coach

‘The missing link in my business’

Deborah Silver – Health Coach

‘The Course Fitted In Well To My Ethos Of Holistic Health’

Alice Carr – Health Coach

‘I was drawn to CNM’s Naturopathic Approach’

Adelle Adams – Health Coach

‘I can change someone’s life’

Karen Broadley – Health Coach

‘I want to inspire people to make better choices’

Adam Khalid – Personal Trainer & Health Coach

 ‘I turned my passion into a career’

Anna Piechura – Health Coach

‘I have been a nurse for over 30 years’

Happy Gosego Cross – Nurse & Health Coach

‘It’s changed everything for me’

Dr Joyce Reed – NHS Doctor & Health Coach

 ‘Helping clients smash their health goals’

Amanda Robinson – Health Coach

 ‘I’ve found my true self again!’

Catherine Rhode – Health Coach

 ‘The change I desperately needed’

Sally Sidani – Health Coach

 ‘This is my life, my biggest passion!’

Asta Harrison – Health Coach

 ‘I am now pain free’

Jasmin Corbett – Health Coach

 ‘The perfect time to be a Health Coach!’

Anna Shelomentseva – Doctor and Health Coach.

 ‘An unforgettable life-changing experience!’

Emily Grace – Health Coach

 ‘I love helping others’

Georgia Scott – Health Coach

‘Future proofed my business and income’

Camille Pierson – Health Coach

‘The Most Enriching Experience of My Life’

Patrik Porubcan – Health Coach

 ‘You just have to do what’s right for you’

Philip Fowler – Health Coach

 ‘I love sharing what I’ve learned with others’

Hanieh Vidmar – Health Coach

 ‘The content was delivered brilliantly’

Rachael Lewis – Health Coach

 ‘I got my life back I’m now happy and healthy’

Claire Farrell – Health Coach

 ‘ I took responsibility for my own health’

Emma Smith-Gamble – Health Coach

 ‘I wanted a change from working in finance’

Shazia Saleemi – Health Coach

‘I have achieved a great life/work balance’

Louise Ferguson – Health Coach

‘I’d reached burn out in my career’

Jenny Jones – Health Coach

‘I have set up my own business’

Kate Brown – Health Coach

‘My career no longer aligned with me’

Marianne Horton – Health Coach

‘It’s changed everything for me’

Tierney Troughton – Health Coach

‘ It made me realise my true calling’

Nadia Malik – Health Coach

‘My life changed radically’

Natalia Pinnau – Health Coach

‘The training applies a 360 degree approach’

Mihret Berhe – Health Coach

 ‘I decided to take back control of my health’

Jessica Legore – Health Coach

‘The best reward is watching your client’s progress’

Mariko Broome – Health Coach

‘It’s So Beautiful To See The Results And The Confidence That Grows’

Rebecca Christian – Health Coach

‘My passion was far from crunching numbers’

Nikki Spencer – Health Coach

‘Being able to work with clients during the course was amazing’

Anastasija Den Blanken – Health Coach

 ‘The Course provided me with a greater understanding of what ‘health’ means’

Charlotte Ashton – Health Coach

 ‘I Have Made Life-Long Friends Through Learning This Course’

Katerina Dragazis – Health Coach

 ‘I decided to take matters into my own hands’

Anna Garcia – Health Coach

‘Health Coaching was the answer’

Ritu Awasthi – Health Coach

‘I created my dream job within a year!’

Marie Frost – Health Coach

 ‘I’m now a natural fertility coach’

Carmeen Cimmino – Health Coach

‘I needed to see my health as homework’

Eugenie Van Nispen – Yoga Teacher & Health Coach

‘Why I became a Health Coach’

Victoria Mudie – Health Coach & Course Director

 ‘CNM was the only college that matched my vision’

Helene Lambret – Health Coach

 ‘I really enjoyed expanding my knowledge’

Jo Brown – Health Coach

 ‘I wanted to study a course that was widely respected’

Desislava Eneva – Health Coach

 ‘Comprehensive Curriculum & Accredited Course’

Sandra Dumas – Health Coach