Comprehensive Accredited Course

Sandra Dumas – Health Coach

CNM’s Health Coach diploma offers a comprehensive curriculum that delves into nutrition, body systems and medical conditions. Accreditation adds to its credibility and ensures high standards.

My health challenges led me to CNM

Before studying to become a Health Coach, I worked as a holistic therapist practising massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. Facing health hurdles such as chronic fatigue syndrome and subsequent fibromyalgia prompted me to explore fresh perspectives on well-being. This journey led me to CNM and I was drawn to the Health Coach course as it offered everything I wanted to learn and more.

Deep understanding of body systems

I found immense value in the coaching component of the course, which allowed me to delve deeper into understanding holistic wellness. Exploring the body system by system, with a holistic lens, was particularly enlightening. Using tools like the Wheel of Life added another dimension to my learning experience

Helping others reclaim their health

Since completing my studies, I’ve embraced a multifaceted role: two days a week at the local medical centre as a Health Coach, where I’m employed by PCN, and the rest of the time, I work in private practice. My passion lies in empowering individuals to gain deeper insights into their health conditions and reclaim control over their lives. Working extensively with those battling chronic pain, I focus on holistic approaches, addressing factors like inflammatory foods, sleep patterns, physical activity and stress management.

My journey has taught me invaluable lessons about self-care and equipping me to better support my loved ones. My advice to aspiring Health Coaches is to thoroughly research courses and connect with your personal motivations; it’ll fuel your journey toward making a meaningful difference. If it resonates with you, take the leap!