Helped me overcome my health issues

Stacey Marsh – Health Coach

Desperate for answers, I discovered the Health Coach course and it was exactly what I needed to get my health back on track.

Understanding the importance of organic food was key

My journey into natural therapies started with a hands-on experience of rural living. As a childminder, I integrated forest school activities into my work, fostering a strong bond with nature. During lockdown, I spent time on a self-sufficient farm, learning firsthand about organic farming practices and the importance behind growing organic fruits and vegetables, and keeping poultry to organic standards.

The course provided answers to my health issues

My decision to study natural therapies was prompted by a period of prolonged illness that presented with a whole range of symptoms. Conventional medicine had no answers for me and I was left feeling unsure about what to do next. Seeking solutions, I stumbled upon the Health Coach course, which proved to be precisely what I required to restore my health. Realising that I’d be equipped to assist others facing similar challenges was an added incentive.

The tutors were knowledgeable and inspiring

CNM stood out to me for its solid reputation and practical approach to learning. The course content was comprehensive and the tutors were knowledgeable, inspiring and engaging – they are clearly passionate about what they do. The course is accredited by NHS PCI which was another selling point. Studying at CNM brought about positive changes not just for me, but also for my family and friends. It equipped me with the tools to improve my health and inspired me to empower others to do the same. Life has become fulfilling again!

Empowering others to make positive changes

Now that I’m qualified and enjoying restored health and fitness, I’m looking forward to inspiring and empowering others to make positive changes for their well-being! I find great joy in helping others on their health journey, knowing that what I do really makes a difference

For anyone considering studying health coaching, I can attest that it’s worth the investment. It offers practical solutions to health issues and provides a solid foundation for making positive lifestyle changes.

How do I train to be a Health Coach?

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