Helping clients smash their health goals

Amanda Robinson – Health Coach Graduate

Becoming a Health Coach has given me complete flexibility to work around my family – this is a dream come true!

What did you do before studying at CNM?

I’ve spent the last 18 years in eCommerce tech. I was seconded from customer services to an IT project in 1998 and stayed in tech from that point on, delivering large-scale technical change programmes in various PLCs and limited companies.

What made you want to become a Health Coach?

My own health challenges and burnout lead me to become a Health Coach. I was at rock bottom with hair loss, weight gain, chronic fatigue, low moods and continuous, lingering infections. I have an autoimmune thyroid disease for which there is no support from the NHS. I started working with a nutritionist who helped me and really got me into a great position. I became fascinated in the naturopathic approach to health and knew I needed to move into this sector to help others like me transform their health and well-being.


What attracted you to the Health Coach course?

The nutritionist I worked with graduated from CNM and she recommended the college to me. There is something about the power of a personal recommendation and I know she has very high standards so it was the only option for me. I didn’t even shop around.

What did you enjoy most about the CNM Health Coach Training?

I loved the fact I could study online and go at my own pace. The content and quality of the lectures were consistent and the support outside of the lectures was second to none. I’m still in regular contact with my cohort via a WhatsApp group – it’s great to keep in touch and follow the different paths and journeys of my peers.

How has studying for the Health Coach diploma changed your life?

Immensely! It has enabled me to launch my own business called Health Steps which is empowering and gives me the freedom I need to work with who I want, when I want. I’m no longer sitting at a desk from nine until five, Monday to Friday, longing to pick up my little boy from school.

What are you doing now that you are qualified?

I’m still in the early stages of building my brand and the business, ensuring the foundations are laid to allow me to grow and scale at a steady pace. Networking is a huge part of growing your business and something I’m really enjoying. Connecting with like-minded people is so inspiring and it opens up opportunities for collaborations. I’m realising that it’s acceptable to change as you grow – what works on day one may need tweaking on day 250, and that’s OK! I’m still working on a contract basis in eCommerce tech three days a week while I build my business.

I offer one-to-one coaching packages for direct clients and business packages for corporate wellbeing programmes. All programmes are available face to face, via Zoom or a mix of both. I’m also offering talks and workshops in various settings.

What do you love about being a Health Coach?

There is nothing better than seeing clients succeed and smash their goals.  A recent client of mine was advised by their GP to consider starting on prescription statins. I asked how my client felt about having a chat with their GP about pausing the decision on statins and retesting after they completed their three-month health coaching programme with me. The GP approved this approach. I’m pleased to say, my client’s blood level markers dropped between 10 and 15% and the GP is happy to stall on statins based on lifestyle changes paying off. The power of working as a client-centred, virtual team! Whilst weight loss wasn’t a health goal, the same client lost seven pounds in weight as a bi-product, and they describe themselves as feeling more focussed and balanced. It’s an honour to help clients smash their goals and I love getting to know them along the way, it’s very rewarding.

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