What Does a Health Coach Do?

A Health Coach is a trained professional who works with clients in a group or 1-2-1 setting. The purpose of a health coach is to enable their client to make long-term positive health changes via good advice, motivation and support.

The day-to-day life of a health coach depends on what the Health Coach has chosen to do with their qualification. Health Coaching is a field of practice with endless career options available. Here are the most common day-to-day activities of a Health Coach.

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1. Health Coaches are trained in essentials of Nutrition, Fitness, Coaching and Business

A health coach is trained to view health as a formula, and that formula is made up of different areas of a client’s life, such as their nutrition, physical activity, relationships and personal goals. A health coach works with clients to enable them to identify and change these 5 key areas to dramatically improve their overall health.

2. Health Coaches conduct 1-2-1 consultants 

A Health Coach will often work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis. A typical day may involve meeting 3-5 clients per day for 45-minute sessions of Health Coaching.  Meetings may take place in person, in an office, on SKYPE or any place that makes sense for the client and the Coach.

3. Health Coaches also work with groups

Health Coaches can also conduct what is called “Group Coaching Sessions”. These sessions involve groups of 6-8 at a time. During Group sessions, the Health Coach facilitates conversations and sets health goals and health targets with the group and provides them with the advice and motivation they need to get healthy.

health coaching with groups

4. Health Coaches will deliver health talks

Motivating a client and helping them stay positive about the health changes they are making is an essential part of the Health Coaches toolkit. Some clients who seek a Health Coach know what it is that they need to do to generate a health change – they just need a little help in staying on track.  There are clients who are doing very well, and living healthy lives – but then become stuck and don’t know how to go further in their health journey. Other clients don’t know where to start at all and have never made a health change before meeting with a Health Coach. All of these clients will need motivation and positivity to be able to make the long lasting Health Changes required for a Healthy, Happy Life.

5. Health Coaches will write books and articles

To make a long lasting and positive health change, a person must first of all understand what the purpose of that change is – and this understanding comes via education from the health coach.  A good health coach will not only be full of valuable knowledge on health, fitness, lifestyle and communication, they will also be very good at imparting that knowledge to their client in a way that they client can understand and implement into their lives.

6. Health Coaches work alongside medical professionals

Health Coaches are now becoming a part of the National Healthcare System, and as such there is increasingly visibility of Health Coaches in medical settings such as working alongside GP’s, private doctors, or specialist health areas such as Diabetes, Heart Health and Obesity.

health coaching alongside medical professionals7. Health coaches run retreats, workshops and boot-camps

Health Coaches can choose any health sector to work in, and so in addition to the option of working with the NHS, Health Coaches can also choose to work privately. Private work can be working with clients who pay for their service on a 1-2-1 basis, or it can involve working in a corporate environment running workshops and boot-camps, or it can even involve travelling abroad to work on health retreats and boot-camps, within a gym environment, a clinic environment, or a spa environment (to name a few). And that is really just the beginning of where a Health Coach may be working.

8. Health Coaches teach about health

Health Coaches are in high demand, as there is absolutely no shortage of people who will benefit from the aid of a Health Coach. It is therefore very common to see Health Coaches teaching other coaches to become coaches, teaching medical and health professionals about Health Coaching, teaching their clients about Nutrition and Fitness, and also running educational workshops and seminars of their own.

9. Health Coaches change lives


health coaches change lives

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