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The CNM Health Coach Diploma course is a 5-part course covering all you need to know to become a successful Health Coach.

You will learn how the body works, study the basics of nutrition, practice simple and effective fitness regimes, know how to coach clients to achieve their goals and how to set up your business. CNM’s Health Coach course consists of 550 hours of life-changing education.

The CNM Health Coach course can be studied In Class or Online. Regular assessments, tutorials and webinars make sure graduates are ready and fully equipped to see clients from the moment they qualify.

Graduates leave with a full package of dietary and business support to help them start a thriving business as a Health Coach.

Course Overview

Length of study: 6 – 12 months, 550 hours

How the Body Works: 100 hours

Nutrition and Health: 100 hours

Fitness and Health: 50 hours

Coaching and Health: 200 hours

Business, Marketing & Promotion: 100 hours

Qualification: CNM Health Coach Diploma



Become a Professional Health Coach

  • Plan and evaluate best health regimes for clients.
  • Coach clients to achieve health goals.
  • Understand the role of personalised nutrition.
  • Business development, marketing, promotion and how to establish a successful business.
  • How the body works and when to refer to an expert.
  • Understand healthy diets, identify missing nutrients and healthy fats.
  • Best foods for anti-aging and weight loss.
  • Best lifestyle for optimised heath, popular dietary models.
  • Learn about the effect of food additives, environmental toxins, how to detox efficiently.
  • Master effective Health Coaching techniques, effective ways to communicate and how to motivate clients.
  • Exercise and fitness regimes.


Health Coach Syllabus

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Accredited by the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners)
UK & Ireland
Accredited by the IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapists)
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and EU.


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