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Andre Small – Health Coach

When did you graduate from the Health Coach Course?

I graduated as a certified health coach from CNM London in March 2023.

What are you doing now?

Since graduating, I have been building my health coaching practice, A Small Change, which focuses specifically on supporting men’s holistic well-being. I work with individual clients as well as facilitate men’s group coaching sessions and workshops. In addition to my coaching work, I create content and resources around men’s health topics on my website and social media platforms. I also share plant-based recipes as I have my own vegan meat replacement food brand called By Nature Food. I recently published a cookbook featuring many of my delicious and nutritious vegan recipes.

How did you get your first clients?

My first few individual clients came through reaching out to a local yoga studio and doing a workshop on Nutrition for yogis. For the group coaching aspect, I reached out to local organisations and community centers that catered to men’s interests and needs. I offered to host a free introductory workshop, which allowed me to connect with potential clients and showcase the value I could provide.

Any advice for anyone thinking of becoming a Health Coach?

Absolutely. My top piece of advice would be to find your niche and passion area and learn learn learn. The health and wellness space is vast, so focus on an area you truly care about and can speak to authentically. For me, that was men’s health and well-being. It makes the work much more meaningful and impactful.

Secondly, be patient and persistent in building your brand and presence, especially online. Consistently create valuable content, engage with your target audience, and stay committed to your messaging. It takes time to develop trust and credibility, but those efforts will pay off.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get out there and network. Attend relevant events, connect with others in your field, and continuously learn from those around you. The health coaching community is incredibly supportive, and those connections can lead to collaboration opportunities down the line.

How do I train to be a Health Coach?

What skills does a Health Coach need? 

How to get your Health Coach certification

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