Why is CNM’s Health Coach Course unique?

Why CNM Health Coaches are successful

  • Have you been toying with the idea of becoming a Health Coach?
  • But don’t know where to start?
  • Are you looking for a career change to do a job you love?
  • Why not consider studying CNM’s Health Coach Diploma.
  • Find out what makes CNM’s Health Coach Course unique and how CNM graduates become successful health coaches.

What does a Health Coach do?

Health Coaches work with clients to identify and achieve their goals. They provide support and tools to help clients solve their problems and make positive changes to improve their health and wellbeing. Health Coaches can assist with nutrition, lifestyle and movement, as well as support people with making changes in other areas of their life such as their relationships or career. Using a range of techniques and coaching skills, Health Coaches help people to develop positive habits and make long-lasting changes that are sustainable. They also act as accountability buddies to ensure clients are supported throughout their journey. Learn more about Health Coaching.

Tools and Skills of a good Health Coach:

  • You need to be an active listener and really hear what your clients are telling you.
  • Be able to motivate and inspire your clients– your enthusiasm for healthy living must shine through.
  • Have specialised health coaching techniques – you need to ask the right questions and steer your clients in correct direction to achieve their goals.
  • Be able to effectively take a client’s health history to determine their personalised  health goals for the future.
  • A bank of health knowledge and resources covering diet, lifestyle, exercise/ movement and mindset to be able to make tailored recommendations.

You will learn all of this and more on CNM’s Health Coach Course.

Why CNM’s Health Coach Course is unique

  • A comprehensive coursethat can be completed in your own time, in as little as six to twelve months. Many other health coaching courses on offer are very basic short courses that can be done over a weekend or in a few weeks – this does not give you adequate skills or sufficient training to become a competent Health Coach.
  • Delivers a solid foundation in health coaching so you can assist clients in achieving and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.  The structure of the course itself reveals that it has been written by experienced practitioners. It is not a copy of some other materials but based on evidence.
  • Learn how body works first: As one can’t give advice on health and nutrition if they don’t know how the body works, CNM has put the module ‘How the Body Works’ first.  This module explains how food is digested, nutrients absorbed and utilized by the body and the importance of other organs which influence digestion. You will also understand warning symptoms of the body and know when to refer to a specialist.
  • Naturopathic Nutrition: Once you know how the body works you will study the fundamentals of good Nutrition, what foods to avoid, how to combine foods correctly for maximum energy and how to support particular health issues and body functions using food. Students get tons of recipes and templates to support their studies.
  • Fitness and Health: Did you know that Oxygen is the most important Nutrient for the body? A lack of Oxygen (Hypoxia) leads to many diseases including cancer. On this module, you will learn simple movements and exercises which have a positive influence on pain, hormonal problems, osteoporosis, weight loss, stress, mood swings etc. Want to know about the best exercises to boost the immune system? We got it covered. We provide detailed written high quality material via our specially designed online portal and tons of video clips which you can watch as often as you like.
  • Coaching to achieve goals: This module is the core of the CNM Health Coach training. All the knowledge in the world is of little help if a client is not achieving set goals. We show you what the real causes of stress are and give you simple but efficient tools to improve and solve stressful situations. A person is as much alive and healthy as they have goals in life. A CNM trained Health Coach knows how to establish goals and is able to coach a client to achieve self-set goals. Students practice on each other and often improve their situation. Experienced tutors guide students in their case assessments. A number of real life video coaching cases are provided to watch as often as you like, to gradually build your confidence. This course is fun, but also evidence based with many years of practical experience.
  • Practical experience with real-life case studies so you get the opportunity to put the theory into practice; this is an invaluable experience that cements all the knowledge you have learnt and gives you the confidence to become a proficient Health Coach. Most other health coaching courses do not offer this practical element.
  • The business module: What is the difference between marketing, promotion and advertising? How to get clients? How to make social media work? The answers are on the CNM business module. There are some fundamental truths one should follow to be successful. There are also traps one needs to know to avoid at all cost. Graduates of the CNM business module are ready to start working right after graduation as they have a business plan that works at the end of the course. There is a reason why over 80% of CNM graduates are practicing. Having this business module under your belt sets you apart for success.
  • Study In Class or Online: The In class training is currently delivered at the London campus only. Studying online allows more flexibility in your study progress and can be done wherever you are.
  • Student Portal: Whether you study in class or online, you have access to CNM’s specifically designed Student Portal. You get all the power points, tables, exercises, videos, case studies, assignments via the portal. Meet like-minded students and attend free tutorials, lectures and webinars. Be the first to know about CNM’s You Tube production. You may want to join CNM’s Writers’ Club and learn how to write articles or publish your own bestseller.
  • Accreditation: All CNM courses are widely accredited/recognized in many countries around the world. Students from over 120 countries study with CNM. You want to make sure you hold a certificate which is well respected in the industry and the world. CNM Health Coach is Accredited and approved by a range of UK-based and international associations including the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners), UKIHCA (UK and International Health Coaches Association), IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), NHS PCI (Personalized Care Institute) and COMENSA.
  • Graduate with confidence: At the end of the day all what matters is: can you apply what you have studied and fulfill your dream you had when you signed up for the course in the first place? Studying the CNM Health Coach helps you achieve your goals, personal and business.
  • CNM-trained Health Coaches are sought after in the industryand your career opportunities are endless. You can set up your own private Health Coach practice (online or in-person), work in healthcare (private or NHS such as a GP surgery), in a multi-disciplinary clinic alongside other practitioners, in corporate companies, teach or become a public speaker, create a group health coaching programme, write a book – the world is your oyster!

Become a Health Coach with peace of mind

Investing in yourself and your future through studying is a big deal and not a decision that can be taken lightly. This is why it’s essential that you do your due diligence and do as much research as possible. If you’re thinking about changing careers and becoming a Health Coach, you can trust that CNM’s Health Coach diploma exceeds industry standards and offer comprehensive training and practical experience.