Meet the Team: Audrey Archambault

It all started when I went for an x-ray for my hip that was bothering me at the time.

What do you do at CNM?

Online Tutor for the CNM Health Coach diploma (Nutrition & Fitness tutorials)

What were you doing before joining CNM?

Senior HR Generalist at HSBC Investment Banking, London

What sparked your interest in naturopathy?

My Kidney stones!! That’s right, I will never thank my kidney stones enough!

It all started when I went for an x-ray for my hip that was bothering me at the time. The practitioner said “there is nothing wrong with your hip” (of course nothing was wrong, i just did not know how to exercise and stretch properly at the time) BUT I can see “something else” and referred me for a scan.

This is when I was told I had 3 kidney stones and would be in EXCRUCIATING PAIN as in worse than giving birth UNLESS I start drinking lots of water daily…

I was like, really? Is that all I need to do?

It really triggered a profound change in my mind and lifestyle – how could such a simple and tiny change in my daily habits have such a big impact on my overall health?? Who wants to be in pain when you can avoid it so easily?

How do you think a healthy lifestyle affects people’s lives?

Simple daily habits can truly prevent disease and boost your mental, physical and emotional health in a sustainable way.

How do you see the Health Coaching industry in the next 3 years?

It’s been growing exponentially and will continue to do so I am convinced of this!

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of becoming a Health Coach? Go for it! This was the missing link when I graduated from CNM as a Nutritional Therapist. How to bridge the gap between knowledge – implementation and embodiment so that it becomes a habit. This is truly a wonderful tool, hat and gift to have !