Health Coach Graduate: Izzy Walton

‘The course was so informative and empowering’

CNM’s Health Coach diploma is a unique course which has naturopathic principles at its heart, something most health coaching courses don’t offer.

The course encompasses all aspects of health & wellbeing

I was already working in the wellness industry running corporate wellness events, yoga retreats and wholefood catering, so doing the Health Coach diploma was another step towards practicing naturopathic wellness. I wanted to do a course that offered a holistic health offering, comprising of both of food and nutrition and mindful movement for both physical and mental health support.

I’ve always had a strong interest in natural health which evolved alongside my interest in yoga. Many years ago, I studied complementary therapies, reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy. These therapies bought me closer to my interest in nutritional therapy and I continued to further my holistic nutrition studies.

Flexible study I could do from home

What attracted me to CNM was the flexible study approach and being able to study from home. The content was very in-depth and each module explored all parts of heath coaching, including business, marketing and promotion modules; this is something that other courses didn’t seem to cover. The course is immersive in that when a topic is explored, we were encouraged to experience these topics for ourselves. For example, doing fasts and cleanses, diarising our experiences, eliminating toxic healthcare products, performing all the exercises in the fitness modules and writing down our own experiences.

My skill-set is now complete

For the first time, I feel like I’ve found where all my previous studies and qualifications have been leading me to. I always knew I wanted to help people achieve their best health, whether that be through their diet or through yoga practice. Now with all my competencies, I have the skills and knowledge to do this best with health coaching.

I now empower clients make positive changes

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m working with clients remotely in my practice and I have a few collaborations lined up for the next few months. I’m also still teaching my regular yoga classes. What I love most about practicing is being able to offer my clients’ space. Many people just don’t honour themselves the time to really enquire into their own health and understand why they are manifesting their symptoms. Most people already know the answers and what they need to change, but they don’t know how. As a Health Coach, I help facilitate this, and use all my nutrition and fitness knowledge to best support and empower them towards achieving their health goals.