From Medical Doctor to Health Coach

Rhyanne El-Nazer – Health Coach

What date did you graduate? 12th August 2023

What did you do before studying at CNM?

I studied medicine and an MBA at university. I’ve also worked at Deloitte as a business analyst and in real estate in Dubai before embarking on this course.

What made you want to become a Health Coach?

I have a strong background in healthcare and business having studied medicine and an MBA. I believe that health coaching is a perfect combination of both because it requires entrepreneurship, a business mindset and health knowledge which aims to manage a client holistically. During my medical studies, I spent many years doing consultations with patients in GP surgeries, hospital wards and surgical units. I have developed my communication and interpersonal skills over the years having worked with people from vastly diverse and different backgrounds during both my studies and work experiences, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.  I’ve always been driven by helping others, I feel a deep sense of purpose when I help other people achieve their goals and I find the work is really rewarding. Health coaching is very empowering because you are your own boss, it’s flexible and it gives you the opportunity to be location independent. The opportunities are endless!

What attracted you to CNM’s Health Coach course?

I wanted to do a health coaching program that was internationally recognised, giving me more opportunities to work with a wider range of people from all over the world.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

The How the Body Works module- This module teaches you about the physiology of the body from a naturopathic perspective which I thought was particularly fascinating because I studied physiology during my medical degree and this course gave me a new and deeper appreciation of the body and how different systems are interconnected.

How has studying the Health Coach diploma changed your life?

I have graduated recently and I am still learning everyday about new and upcoming opportunities that health coaching brings. It has taught me to be braver, go outside my comfort zone in order to meet new clients and has made me more confident in approaching others.

What you are doing now that you are qualified?

I am currently promoting my business, stepping outside of my comfort zone, networking with others, building relationships which will help clients find me and create more exciting opportunities in the future.

What do you love about being a Health Coach?

It is rewarding, you can work flexibly and it gives you a greater work-life balance which is important for your own well being because it helps you to serve others better. I also really enjoy meeting new people from different walks of life.

Instagram: @dr_rhyanne_coaching

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