Looking for a career at home?

Why it’s the perfect time to become a Health Coach

 If you’re looking for a career you can do from home, with lots of flexibility and unlimited earning potential – we have the perfect solution for you. Working from home online has never been easier. If you’re keen to upskill and broaden your opportunities, find out why now is the perfect time to become a health coach. Learn how to get set up as a health coach so you can start earning money immediately.

Working from home online

We now live in a digital age and working from home, or remotely, is the new norm for many. With so many digital tools and conferencing technology at our disposable, working online is easy. Being able to work remotely gives you flexibility; you can work from wherever you want and manage your schedule around family and other commitments. Not having to travel to the office saves valuable time, freeing you up to focus on other things.

To get started as a health coach, all you need to do is:

  • Gain the relevant training by studying a health coach diploma. This will give you all the tools and knowledge to be able to coach clients on their diet and lifestyle. With CNM, you can be a fully qualified health coach in six to twelve months.
  • Set up your home office with a computer or laptop, high speed internet (to facilitate quality video calls) and your coaching documents including client forms, meal plans and recipe ideas.

Download digital tools and software such as:

  1. Zoom or Skype for video consultations.
  2. Toggl so you can track your time and keep your consultations on schedule.
  3. Healthie allows you to manage your health coaching business efficiently. You can organise client files, schedule appointments, manage your calendar and organise billing, all in the same place.
  • Meal Garden gives you access to thousands of healthy recipes and allows you to create tailored meal plans for clients.
  • Create a basic website to connect you with your audience. You can build a website affordably these days through sites such as Fiverr and Upwork. Ensure it has a blog function so you can start sharing wellness content.
  • Set up your social media as this is a great way to get your name out there. Gain experience by coaching friends and family; not only will it give you confidence, they can write a testimonial for your website to help you attract more clients.
  • Promote yourself by telling everyone you knowthat you’re a health coach. The more people who know what you do, the better. Word-of-mouth is the best (and cheapest) form to advertising.

What does a Health Coach do?

A health coach guides their clients to make better dietary and lifestyle choices. They provide support and inspire their clients to make positive changes to improve their health and wellbeing. Health coaches use specialised coaching techniques to help clients work out what their goals are and then create a plan so they can achieve these goals. Health coaches also make you accountable, cheerleading you from the sidelines and supporting you when times get tough. Learn more about what a health coach does.

Why it’s the perfect time to become a Health Coach

  1. Remote working. Health coaches can do all their coaching sessions online via a video conferencing tool such as Zoom, without having to meet clients in person. You can work from anywhere and set your own schedule. Our ways of working are changing; having the flexibility of being able to work remotely has never been more important. If you have some spare time to upskill and learn how to become a health coach, now is the ideal time.
  2. Growing demand for wellness advice. As people have more time on their hands, they are actively searching for content, especially health and wellness information. It’s a great time to build a following by starting a wellness blog, writing an e-book and sharing content on social media. People are interested in learning about how to support their immune system, maintain their energy levels and keep active when social distancing. If you have the knowledge and tools are your disposal, you’ll be equipped to pass on this information.
  3. Endless career opportunities.A health coach has a unique set of skills and is trained to support and motivate clients to create real change in their lives. Health coaches not only help their clients with diet, they can also assist with fitness, relationships and work-life balance. You can consult one-to-one, do group coaching, work for a wellness company, be a wellness blogger or influencer, set up your own virtual retreat or launch your own books and products.

Achieve work-life balance

Working from home online is more achievable than you think. If you’ve been looking for a career that offers complete flexibility, work-life balance and unlimited earning potential, consider becoming a health coach. The wellness industry is rapidly growing and health coaches provide unique skills that people are looking for.

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