I created my dream job within a year!

Marie Frost – Health Coach Graduate

Every single day is an exciting opportunity to learn and grow.

The Health Coach course gave me the knowledge, tools, skills and confidence to successfully set up my dream job, all within a year!

My fertility issues ignited a passion to learn more

Having worked in the financial technology industry for 20 years in various support and project management roles, I was ready for a change. My interest in nutrition had always been present but it wasn’t until I was trying to get pregnant that I discovered my fertility issues. After exploring many paths, my research eventually led me to CNM where I undertook a short course in nutrition. The lecturer was so inspiring and passionate, and ignited something within me. When the course finished, I couldn’t stop thinking about nutrition and lifestyle – I started dreaming of a different future! After a successful pregnancy where nutrition and a healthy lifestyle played a huge factor, I couldn’t bear the thought of going back to my old job and I knew something had to change.

I loved all the modules especially the marketing training

Shortly after returning from maternity leave, I was made redundant and it was the perfect opportunity to follow my dreams and go for it. I enrolled on the CNM Health Coach course alongside the 3-year Nutritional Therapy diploma. I loved so many of the modules for different reasons, but mainly because they all involved homework or practical activities. Even though I did the online course, I found the modules were still engaging and interactive. If you put the effort into the modules and activities, then you will really see the value. I learnt so much from the social media and marketing modules, gaining practical skills I could use straight away such as creating social posts and blogs. The coaching modules and undertaking case studies were invaluable and helped cement my knowledge in a practical setting.

Given me flexibility, good income & quality of life

Completing the Health Coach diploma has given me the opportunity to have a new career and start up my dream business. I’m now able to earn money, do something I LOVE and have the flexibility to manage my own schedule, enabling me to spend quality time with my daughter. It has changed mine and my family’s life completely as I’m 100% less stressed and 100% more happy!  Everything happens for a reason and my redundancy package allowed this process to move from a daydream to a reality.

My business is thriving & I love what I do

I have been a practising health coach since I launched my business Nutricore in July 2021. I’m currently seeing clients via 1:1 consultations over Zoom and in a local clinic space. I am looking to launch group programmes and some local workshops in 2022, and to continue building my client base. My studies at CNM have continued as I’m also studying nutritional therapist to add to my skillset. Health coaching and nutritional therapy work nicely alongside each other and benefit the client further.

My health coach journey started in October 2020, and I hadn’t quite realised how much I had achieved within that time.  With the ability to push through the course at your own pace online, gives you total control over your study schedule.