How to get your Health Coach Certification

How to get your Health Coach Certification

5 tips for choosing the right Health Coach training

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a certified Health Coach, now is the perfect time as the health coaching industry in the US is booming and Health Coaches are in high demand.

Before committing to a course, ensure you undertake the necessary research and due diligence to find a school that offers quality training to enable you to become a certified Health Coach.

Learn how to get your Health Coach certification – here are 5 tips for choosing the right course.

Become a certified Health Coach – choosing the right course

  1. Find a reputable Health Coach training provider that is internationally accredited. An accredited school is one that has been through a rigorous accreditation process where their Health Coach program has been analyzed and audited to verify it meets the required standards. Studying with an accredited organization also gives you more credibility, showing potential clients and employers that you have undertaken comprehensive training from a highly-regarded school. CNM’s Health Coach diploma is accredited with multiple health coaching associations internationally, including the UK HCA (UK Health Coaches Association).
  2. Understand the training program’s scope of practice. Many people are not aware of a Health Coach’s scope of practice and are often confused by what a Health Coach can and can’t do. Be sure to inquire with the training provider about what their course will qualify you to do. Learn more about CNM’s scope of practice.
  3. Ask if the Health Coach program offers practical training. When you study to become a Health Coach, practical experience is invaluable. Putting all the theory into practice with real-life case studies gives you confidence and helps prepare you for taking consultations when you graduate. It also provides the opportunity to learn from your peers and lecturers through observation to see how they approach client consultations. Many health coaching courses don’t provide practical training. At CNM, students undertake 20 hours of supervized practical training where they take consultations with real clients. For some students, these case studies have turned into paying clients after graduation.
  4. Length of study is important. If you’ve done any research into Health Coach certification, you’ll know there are hundreds of courses available; ranging from short weekend courses to full diplomas. Short basic courses do not provide adequate training or skills to become a proficient Health Coach. You should only consider longer diploma courses that provide thorough training. CNM’s Health Coach diploma is a self-paced program that takes 6 – 12 months to complete, a total of 550 hours. It’s a comprehensive course that teaches students everything they need to know to become a competent Health Coach and set up a successful business upon graduation. Learn more about CNM’s Health Coach syllabus.
  5. The quality of learning support. Does the course offer additional support and pastoral care for students? Are lecturers on-hand to answer questions and point you in the right direction? Will you have access to additional learning resources and be able to interact with other students, either in-class or via an interactive platform? These are important questions you need to ask before enrolling on a Health Coach course. At CNM, students get access to an interactive learning platform where they can download additional resources and interact with other students. There is ongoing support available to students via the course tutors and live tutorials.

Health Coach training you can trust

When you invest your time and money into getting your Health Coach certification, it’s vital you do the necessary research to find the right course. Choose a reputable and accredited training provider that offers a comprehensive program with practical experience and additional support and resources. CNM’s Health Coach certification ticks all the boxes and exceeds industry standards. So, if you’re serious about becoming a Health Coach, attend one of CNM’s upcoming open events to find out more about the course and have all your questions answered.

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