Helping others achieve their health goals

Jasmin Corbett – Health Coach Graduate

I’m now pain-free after changing my diet and lifestyle

CNM’s Health Coach course has given me a toolkit, the knowledge and the ability to work with clients and fulfil my desires to positively impact people, helping them live happier and healthier lives.

Being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2019 sent me on a journey to heal myself back to full health. At thirty years’ old, I didn’t want a lifetime of pain management and medication ahead of me – it’s not how I wanted my life to look. I was brought up with an open mind towards natural therapies and seeking alternative treatments for health conditions. Rather than just treat my symptoms, I wanted to get to the root cause of what was causing my condition. The more I learned and uncovered about health, the more I wanted to know.

I managed to avoid going on any pain prescriptions. Instead, I changed my diet and lifestyle, and by the time of my second specialist appointment, I’d reduced the inflammatory markers in my blood to 0.4 which is normal. I’m now completely pain and symptom free.

Fantastic syllabus and ethos

Studying to become a Health Coach was a natural progression, I wanted to be able to share my knowledge with others and help people who are experiencing similar health issues to me. My intention is to have a positive impact on people’s health and help as many people as possible through my work.

After researching other courses and colleges, I was attracted to CNM as the syllabus looked great and the ethos of college felt like the right fit for me. I loved the flexibility of the online course – I’m based in Scotland and I wouldn’t have been able to attend in-person classes.

My business has grown beyond belief

I started my own health coaching business, Wellthy You, at the start of this year which has seen organic growth beyond my initial expectations. Being a Health Coach brings me so much joy and it’s a real privilege to share my client’s health journeys. Hearing their wins fills my heart and gives me so much energy. I absolutely love working with people and providing them with the support they need to smash their goals.