Qualities of a Health Coach

Any person has the potential to be a great health coach. But what are the qualities of a great health coach? Here are the top 5 qualities of a Health Coach we at CNM nurture through our training program.

1.  A Passion for health

A passionate lover of health, health improvement and health betterment will find it easy to impart that passion and inspire others. Health Coaching is about helping clients to achieve health goals that they are unable to achieve by themselves. A love of health is precisely what clients need exposure to in order to to learn – and who better to learn from than a Health Coach that is passionate about health.

2. A love of learning

The health area is fast developing and diverse, with new information being discovered regularly. In addition to this, there are many fashionable (and unhealthy) diets, health news and health trends that can steer well-meaning clients in the wrong health direction.  The result is clients that are trying the best they can, but using the wrong information as their guide. A Health Coach must stay abreast of the good, reliable, health information – and this means to love learning. Learning about health, learning about the health conditions that your clients will bring to you, and learning how to become a better health coach.

3. A love of helping people

Health Coaching is a role in which you will be exposed with a lot of different types of people who are at different levels in their health journey – and they all need your help. If you love to help individuals to solve their health problems, overcome barriers and bad habits, reach their goals and attain their health dreams, if you love the idea to helping a person reach healthy energy levels, and turn their life around through health: you would make a great Health Coach.

4. A flair for building positive relationships

Building relationships is an important part of developing a business as a Health Coach. Your clients, the businesses that will commission you, the Doctors that will refer their patients to you and the  spas or health facilities that you will work in will all need to be nurtured, grown and maximised. To be successful as a health coach it helps to have mastered the art of keeping positive relationships with everyone you encounter – as positive relationships are the key to health coach business success.

5. A positive outlook

Health Coaching means interacting with a wide range of health struggles that your clients may be experience. These health states often vary in depth, breadth and intensity. Your clients may range from super stressed corporate superstars with an unhealthy love of sugar, or a stressed out mother who cannot get her energy levels back no matter how hard she tries. As a health coach it is your job to believe that every client has endless potential for attaining good health and to find a way of coaching that health potential out of them. For this, a positive outlook is an absolute must as your clients are relying on you to believe in them and help them to attain their health goals.