Meet the Team: Izzy Walton, Tutor

I see the transformational effect of a healthy lifestyle every day in my coaching practice.

What do you do at CNM?

I am delighted to be joining the team as a lecturer and I help support student and graduate health coaches through live webinars and being part of the ‘health hub’ team. I have a specialised in hormone health and perimenopause so you might have seen me at CNM events talking about women’s health.

What were you doing before joining CNM?

I was, and am still! A women’s health coach – having graduated from the health coach course myself in 2020. I was also teaching yoga, offering coaching courses and wellness events and home schooling my children!

What sparked your interest in naturopathy?

I have always felt very connected to nature and natural ways to support mine and my family’s health and well-being. I have always loved homeopathy and herbs and use yoga and mindfulness for stress management. Studying naturopathy was a natural progression from a life-long interest and way of life for me.

How do you think a healthy lifestyle affects people’s lives?

I see the transformational effect of a healthy lifestyle every day in my coaching practice. I see many women overwhelmed and under-nourished having never prioritised their health and wellness. With some simple changes women can feel enormously better and inspired to commit to long term change. My aim is to demystify natural health for them and show them it is actually very simple. Get the basics right regarding whole foods, exercise, sleep and stress management and they are on their way!

How do you see the Health Coaching industry in the next 3 years?

It’s a growing industry for sure. Since I graduated I have seen more focus on health coaching and the need for HC’s is growing also. because we know what health coaches offer there are so many options for graduates to be really successful, not only working with individual clients but also offering health coaching services in lots of different environments, from corporate settings to doctors surgeries to more holistic offerings such as wellness or yoga studios.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of becoming a Health Coach?

Now is the time! We are living in a time of increased awareness about health and longevity. So many people out there need help finding solutions to their health and wellness problems. But perhaps more importantly, they need the support, guidance and accountability to help them make the changes for good. If you are passionate about natural health, if you love working with others and care about helping people live their best lives then go for it.