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Camille Pierson

Camille Pierson Coaching
Hove, BN3 2PX
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Health Coaching, Behaviour Change & CBT

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Having a significant change you would like to make in your life is daunting enough but having to take this on entirely on your own is what often puts people off.  Even with a good change strategy in mind, it can be difficult to make a start and having no one supporting you along the way can mean the good habits begin to fall by the wayside without you even realising it’s happening.  When I work with you to help you achieve your aspirations, we work collaboratively to set you on the right path and I help you monitor how it’s going to keep you motivated and support you in making any necessary tweaks to your plan.

Siân Elizabeth

Renew Holistic Health
Port Talbot, South Wales / Online
Website | Email | Instagram

1:1 Health Coaching, Group Coaching, Corporate Coaching, Workshops

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As a Health Coach I support women nourish their metabolism and gut to promote better energy, a happier cycle and overall hormone balance.

Anna Shelomentseva

Dr Anna Shelomentseva Health Coach
Website | Email | Instagram

1:1 coaching, educational seminars/workshops, corporate coaching

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About me: having medical degree, I’ve spent 7 years learning everything about the human body, processes, connections, hormones and dependancies. I have a holistic view and can effectively support you as a health coach on the way to your healthier and happier self.

Joyce Reed

Dr Joyce Reed Health Coach
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Website | Email

Health Coaching

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I work with individual clients online via zoom. I will work with anyone with underlying health problems, burnout and stress management, or weight management, or with anyone wishing to make health and wellbeing change.

Emily Grace

Emily Grace Health Coaching
Tooting, London
Website | Email | Instagram

1-1 coaching, group coaching, webinars/presentations, talks, workshops

Tierney Hurley Troughton

Lets Go Back To Basics
Iver, Buckinghamshire
Website | Email | Instagram

Focus On You package, Mind-Body-Skin Reset, 1:1 Chat sessions

Andrew Young

Roots Health and Wellness
West Wales
Website | Email | Instagram

Health Coaching


Nourish & Flow
Website | Email | Instagram

Women’s health coaching, hormones, gut health, immune health, lifestyle coaching,

Beth Lomax

Life Balance
Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire
Website | Email | Instagram

Health & Lifestyle Coach

Melissa Buckley

Bee on top of the world
Website | Email | Instagram

1:1 online and in person coaching

Victoria Gamon

Northallerton, North Yorkshire
Website | Email | Instagram

Womens Health and Wellbeing – Helping women to maximise their energy and physical and emotional fitness.

Jessica Morris

Milton Keynes/London
Email | Instagram

1:1 online and in person coaching

Megan Al-Ghailani

Manchester UK
Email | Instagram

1:1 and group Health coach sessions, workshops and public speaking

Rory Sanders

Whole Health Coaching Ltd
Website | Email | Instagram

1:1 Health Coaching (Individuals), Group Coaching, Corporate Coaching, In Person Coaching, Telephone Coaching, Online Coaching (e.g. via Zoom)

Happy Cross

Happy Health Coaching
North West of England
Website | Email | Instagram

Weight control, prevention and management of Type 2 Diabetes using holistic and natural approach

Rachael Lewis

Rachael Lewis Health & Wellness Coaching
Brighton & Hove, Sussex (but covering UK)
Website | Email | Instagram

Specialism Chronic Stress & Burnout

Ellie Felicien

Ellie Jordan Coaching
Kingston Upon Thames
Website | Email | Instagram

1:1 Health Coaching. Coaching women with PCOS who struggle to exercise to find ways to incorporate daily movement into their lives so they can manage their unwanted symptoms and live a life of movement!

Hannah Wyborn

Saffron and Seed
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Website | Email | Instagram

I’m a weight loss coach and naturopathic wellness practitioner specialising in sustainable weight loss.

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I’m a weight loss coach and naturopathic wellness practitioner specialising in sustainable weight loss. I help women change their eating and lifestyle habits and develop a more positive relationship with food and their bodies, even if they have both been the enemy for years, which results in shedding unwanted weight, improving their energy and feeling great again.

Karen Broadley

Website | Email | Instagram

1:1 coaching; group coaching; workshops

Cerie McGee

Be Healthy & Thrive
Website | Email | Instagram

Coaching women through peri menopause and beyond

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Women’s Health Coach, Coaching women through peri menopause and beyond

Dr Nikita Islam

Stockton on Tees, UK
Website | WhatsApp

I worked as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist for 20 years before transitioning into holistic health.

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I use my years of experience as a conventional hospital doctor and my holistic coaching to help women with hormonal imbalance manifested as period problems, skin breakouts, fatigue and weight issues go from feeling fatigued and drained to getting the spark back in their life.

Amanda Robinson

Health Steps
Website | Email | Instagram

One-to-one or online coaching for private and corporate clients. Providing talks and workshops.

Alisa Connan

Website | Email

Women’s Health Coaching, immune health, gut health, hormones & detoxification.

Jessica Legore

The Health Triangle
London/Switzerland (online)
Website | Email | Instagram

Women’s Health Coach specialised in Weight Loss, Stress Management and Optimum Health & Wellness.

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Leveraging my BSc in Psychology to work with women on a 1:1 basis as well as conducting corporate and wellness workshops. Taking a holistic approach to health focusing on three areas: nutrition, movement and mindset. All sessions are completed online.

Dr Rhyanne El-Nazer

Dr Rhyanne Coaching
Cardiff, UK
Website | Email | Instagram

I help female professionals who struggle with burnout, stress and gut issues to feel more at ease, energised and get a good night’s sleep.

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I offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching, educational seminars/webinars, wellness workshops and corporate coaching. I am a Medicine and MBA graduate turned health coach.

Stacey Marsh

The Wild Wellness Health Coach
Bristol and Bath
Website | Email

Specialist in Women’s Mental and Hormone Health.

Emma Francis

Mind Body Portal
Website | Email

M.E/CFS, chronic fatigue, stress.

Becci Barnley

Wellness with Becci
Website | Email | Instagram

Maria Mughal

Empower to Wellness
Ipswich, Suffolk
Website | Email | Instagram

Gut health & balancing blood sugar naturally

Natalie McGee

Northern Ireland
Website | Email

Aneet Alang


I specialise in hormonal imbalance, menstrual issues and fertility.