Event / Location
Date & Time
Health Coach Open House
Thu 28th October
12.30pm – 1.30pm

Study the CNM Health Coach and do something life-changing:

  • Improve Your Health
  • Change Career
  • Help Others

CNM is the leading training provider of health and wellness professionals. Our graduates succeed, because our curriculum is based on practical experience, outstanding nutritional information and start-up business and growth skills. Surveys have shown that 80% of our graduates are practising.

Change Career – Become a Health Coach

Understand the functions of all body systems and know when to refer to an expert.

Optimal nutrition to stay healthy and get back to health. More energy, optimum weight and a good sleep.

Plan and evaluate exercises for all age groups. Coaching Skills to achieve set goals.

How to facilitate health change and work with clients to release their full potential.

All the tools to turbo charge your start up and develop a thriving business.