My Health Coach Business is growing

Claire Dent – Health Coach

I feel so happy that I have been able to help other people improve their lives and I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to embark on this amazing career.

What date did you graduate?

I graduated in July 2022

What did you do before studying at CNM?

Before studying my Health Coaching Diploma, I was studying the Biomedicine year of the Nutrition course at CNM. I completed this year and will hopefully complete the subsequent 2 years of this Diploma at the end of 2023. I was working full time in a school as a TA but couldn’t shake off this burning desire to go down the Nutrition/Health coaching route as soon as possible. I was able to reduce my hours at work and take on my studying with CNM.

What made you want to become a Health Coach?

I wanted to become a Health Coach to help people, to guide people on their own health journey to achieve their goals. I actually had a friend who was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and was given a prescription from his doctor and advice that he needed to change his lifestyle, but he had no clue how to do this or where to start. It was clear that people in this type of situation need help to be able to make lifestyle changes and that’s when I decided that health coaching was for me. I enrolled in the course and quickly identified loads of my close friends and family who could benefit from health coaching, so if I ‘knew’ of people that I could help, imagine how many people I didn’t know that I could help.

What attracted you to CNM’s Health Coach course?

I was already a student with CNM, so I knew first hand that this college provided high quality course content and had a huge amount of very knowledgeable lecturers, I was confident that the Health Coaching course would be of a high standard from a reputable college.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

The online course was perfect for me given that I had 2 young children and needed the course to fit around my family. The lectures were informative, educational and interesting, overall a very enjoyable course.

How has studying the Health Coach diploma changed your life?

This course has changed my life and subsequently the life of my family. I have and still am gaining knowledge around improving health and wellness and using tools I gained from the course to make changes to my everyday life.

What are you doing now that you are qualified?

I now have my own Health Coaching business that I am growing day by day and can’t wait to see where is takes me.

I have clients who have lost weight, improved sleep, introduced exercise, increased energy levels and reduced stress in their lives. I feel so happy that I have been able to help other people to improve their lives and I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to embark on this amazing career.

What do you love about being a Health Coach?

My business ‘Claire Dent Nutrition and Health Coaching’ primarily focuses on helping clients to make lifestyle changes to achieve their overall health goals. Together we co-create a plan that encourages them to make small sustainable behavioural changes and work together to bridge the gap between the foundations on which they already stand and where they want their overall health to be.

In the future I would like to focus on women’s health, specifically around perimenopause.

Who knows where this journey will take me, but I am loving every second of it and can’t wait to help even more people 🙂

How do I train to be a Health Coach?

What skills does a Health Coach need? 

How to get your Health Coach certification

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