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The CNM Health Coach Training is designed to meet the increasing demand from clients and health professionals. CNM Health Coaches are trained in nutrition and health, fitness and exercise, how the body works, coaching, marketing and business promotion.

Surveys have shown that 80% of our graduates are practising.

At CNM we believe that good knowledge comes from practice. The CNM Health Coach Diploma has been designed to include many practice sessions in addition to the informative lectures.

Students have the opportunity throughout the course to apply their knowledge in real-world practice scenarios. Combined with thorough business marketing training, CNM Health Coaches have all of the skills, knowledge and tools required to start a thriving health coaching business.

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“Health Coaches working with GPs to help people with Long Term Conditions”

— NHS England

“You Can’t Medicate Your Way Out Of A Problem You Behaved Your Way Into”

— Stephen Covey

“Health Coaches are an essential resource in helping clients stick to protocols, to generate long term health change.”

— Dr Mo Enayyat, LMS Wellness

Health Coach Training Course

How the Body Works

Understand the functions of all body systems and know when to refer to an expert.

Nutrition and Health

Optimal nutrition to stay healthy and get back to health. More energy, optimum weight and a good sleep.

Fitness and Health

Plan and evaluate exercises for all age groups. Coaching Skills to achieve set goals.

Coaching and Health

How to facilitate health change and work with clients to release their full potential.

Business, PR & Marketing

All the tools to turbo charge your start up and develop a thriving business.


“To see health coaching in the day to day GP work would positively impact so many patients. Using health coaching as part of a doctor’s care would reach far and wide and work well in conjunction with the services that conventional medicine has to offer. I feel that often patients are frustrated that the GP is not able to do more to aid their overall wellbeing. Health coaching would empower patients/clients to understand ways in which more can be done to help and how clients can help themselves by implementing certain lifestyle changes.

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The NHS is doing the best it can with what it has. The whole team works incredibly hard and, in my experience, always has the patients’ best interest at heart. Limited resources mean that there is a limit to the services that can be provided. By integrating and increasing access to health coaching and nutrition the clients can be prompted to lead and empower their own health and wellbeing. In the long term this would be an all-round win; helping to reduce the overall strain on the NHS with a reduction in chronic health conditions and mental health concerns. There is definitely a need for Health Coaches to work alongside Doctors. By working together all-round holistic care can be provided. The patients/clients will be able to understand their health needs from several viewpoints and create a path that suits their individual condition, lifestyle and personal needs. It may also identify ways in which patients are unknowingly making conditions worse and offer ways in which the patients can really help themselves.”

Dr. Jasmeen Kaur Mehta Jhajj
MBBS BSc (neuroscience) FSRH DRCOG MRCGP

“I qualified as a doctor almost 10 years ago. During this time it has become apparent that society, at large, has a preference for ‘the quick fix option’. Modern medicine is traditionally a disease-focused model –  highly effective treatments allow people to live with their diseases, sometimes without needing to address the underlying causes for disease manifestation at all.

Often, medical consultations aren’t long enough for these complex reasons and issues to be addressed. Even if the causes are identified, not all doctors have the appointed time nor expertise, to focus on these, along with their ongoing medical management too.

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I am studying Health and Life Coaching to be able to guide people to realise that their lifestyle and food choices are having a huge impact on their health. I hope to use these coaching tools to explore people’s motivating factors, and any barriers they might have, whilst also supporting them to implement these important changes, to make improvement to their health.The ideal Healthcare system would be a truly holistic one – incorporating the expertise of Allopathic Doctors and Health Coaches, together with Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine Practitioners, to provide therapies beyond medications alone. This integrative approach to patient care, would not only take the burden off traditional healthcare systems and individual practitioners, but would also ensure the best possible outcomes for patients and clients.

 Over the last few years there has been a real movement of doctors recognising the importance of Lifestyle, Nutritional and Preventative Medicine, with many undergoing further training in these fields. There is a growing and collective belief that integrating all of these modalities of Medicine, Health and Wellness, is the future of holistic medicine.”

Dr Sneha Jetty, MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG

Health Coach Overview

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