Health Coach Vs. Nutritionist

There are quite a few different types of Health Coaches. What’s the difference between a Health Coach and a Nutritionist: This is one of the questions that often gets asked when someone is considering studying to be a Health Coach. It’s important that you understand the scope of practice of a Health Coach and how the two professions differ.

Scope of practiceHealth CoachNutritionist
Assist clients with basic nutrition, diet and menu planning.
Trained in advanced nutrition and able to advise clients with complex nutritional deficiencies and specific health conditions.
Able to prescribe nutritional supplements, assess blood tests and organise functional pathology tests.
Assist clients with goal setting, behaviour change, motivation and accountability
Work with clients to improve their fitness levels and implement an exercise routine.
Diagnose health conditions and claim to cure diseases.
Co-create a wellness plan specific to the client’s needs after taking a full case history.
Create a treatment protocol for the client after taking a comprehensive case history and analysing pathology tests.
Partner with and refer to other practitioners in the medical and natural health environment.

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