Why is CNM’s Health Coach Diploma unique?

CNM is an award-winning training provider with international recognition and accreditation – the key to our success is based on years of experience in natural therapies, education and application in practice. CNM’s Academic Team are devoted to continually improve and develop CNM’s courses.

Students Learn ‘How the Body Works’ First

An understanding of the human body, it’s systems and how illness and conditions can present, is key when working with clients as a Health Coach. For example, you will learn how food is digested and how nutrients are absorbed and utilised by the body.

Students also gain an understanding of the body’s warning symptoms (Red Flags) and have confidence they know when to refer to a specialist.

What our students say

“Huge thanks to Bobby as I thoroughly enjoyed this module. The lectures and supporting material were all incredibly detailed, informative and easy to understand. I feel inspired and educated and so many thanks for kicking off this course in such a super way. I’m very much looking forward to cracking on with the next section, Nutrition for Healthy Living. Thanks again, Amy.”

“I thought the lectures were absolutely brilliant. Bobby is so engaging and really good at explaining things. I thought the length of the lectures was just right as I have been doing 2 a week and have managed to balance the course well with my home life.”

“I absolutely enjoyed how Bobby conducts his lectures. He is very articulate and makes the lectures easy by providing analogies that are easily stored in the memory. I appreciated the fact he had additional and thorough explanation to back up the lecture handouts. Bobby made this module worthwhile. I was getting bit sad every-time a lecture ended, but excited to start another one.”

“I think the video modules were great. Very nicely explained, very thorough, really good presenter. Much deeper content then I was expecting, very happy about it. The knowledge stimulates me to live more healthily myself and I feel I will be very good at giving health advice with this background.”

“I thought Bobby was excellent at explaining the body systems and adding different anecdotes as he went along. He had a great style and manner about him which made it easier to absorb and learn. Overall I was very impressed. I really enjoyed all the naturopathic tips that he added in.”

“Thank you Bobby for flawless delivery and for the regular anecdotal stories which have been invaluable.”

“I have studying anatomy and physiology many time including at university and this is most engaged I have felt in my learning. I felt bobby had such a great way of explaining things which made me look at so many things a understand them better. I had a lot of breakthroughs with grasping concepts.”

“I especially enjoyed the lectures and content about the digestive tract and cancer, both of which I found fascinating and with easy take away tips on how to improve mine and my family’s health as well starting to take preventative measures now.”

“The digestive system was absolutely brilliant and contained so much information which i have heard being talked about and now I feel I can understand and join in conversations on certain topics. I also really enjoyed the cancer module. i found this very emotional to watch and I intend to make changes to my lifestyle and my families because of it.”

Naturopathic Nutrition

Once you know how the body works, you will study the fundamentals of good nutrition; what foods to avoid, how to combine foods correctly for maximum energy and how to support health issues and body functions using food.

Students get lots of recipes and templates to support their studies.

What our students say

“I just wanted to thank Dee for the most brilliant lectures. I have loved the course, and found her teaching so informative, and presented in such a calming, approachable way that it really helped me absorb all the information and kept me transfixed. Thank you so much. The notes are really well laid out and in a way that I could annotate them with all the invaluable additional information Dee gave around each slide.”

“The lecture notes were excellent and just enough content for each lecture. I loved the fact that you had to complete each lecture before the next one was unlocked. Dee Clough was fab in the videos. She was so easy to listen to and has such a calming voice. It was great to have the videos because they clarified any uncertainties that may have arisen in the notes.”

“Great lectures and explained thoroughly. I was completely fascinated with the information given. I really enjoyed the activities as it really tested my understanding.”

“I really enjoyed the whole module. Really loved the lecturer, she was very clear and confident and clearly very knowledgeable. I liked the way she explained things.”

“Very comprehensive! Brought up many things I was aware of but brought together the concepts very succinctly. Broad scope, wide ranging, comprehensive.Lots of information, real eye opener. So well structured with the slides first, then video to explain things and go through it.”

Fitness and Health

Oxygen is the body’s most important nutrient. A lack of oxygen (hypoxia) can drive many diseases including cancer. Optimum health and oxygen are not possible without movement. In this module, CNM teaches simple movements and exercises which have a positive influence on pain, hormonal problems, osteoporosis, weight loss, stress, the immune system, mood swings and more.

Video guidance of exercises by industry professionals and key areas to support clients with are included.

What our students say

“I really enjoyed the final lecture. Being able to tie in what I’ve learnt in nutrition and relate that to physical activity was helpful. I liked how the lecture slides showed a number of potential workouts that clients can do and how to perform these showing the correct technique to use.”

“I enjoyed the lectures and found it all really informative. I found the examples of how to do an exercise really useful.”

“Hard to say but I liked the mixture in each lecture with diet, physiology, specific workouts and stretches, making it client-centered, case examples, dealing with specific physiologic barriers to exercise, program designs…. all good stuff!”

“I liked learning about the many benefits of exercise, how to plan an exercise program for different type of individuals. We should plan according to their goals, how to adapt activity into their lives, taking into consideration their lifestyle, any pains, injury, stresses. I liked the different tests to carry out to find out clients fitness level. How to plan for measurable outcome goals. It feels really great to know how to plan for client’s activity.”

“All of them but particularly how nutrition and exercise fit together and how important it is to consider both. You can’t really have one without the other. Also how different types of exercises can impact our health and which forms of exercise are beneficial for certain conditions/health concerns and the lecture on how to work with a client and goal setting.”

Coaching to Achieve Goals

This module is at the core of the CNM Health Coach training. All the knowledge in the world is of little help if clients are not making progress or actually following plans. We teach you to identify the real causes of problems such as stress, and provide you with efficient tools to improve health-compromising situations. A CNM-trained Health Coach knows how to establish goals and how to coach a client to achieve self-set goals. Students initially practise with each other and improve their own environment and health as a result. Experienced tutors guide students in their case assessments and in real-life video coaching cases to gradually build confidence. This course is based on evidence-based clinical practice and it is fun!

What our students say

“I thought the video lectures were really informative and showed how to communicate with clients effectively when helping them to solve problems.”

“I really enjoyed the lectures and handouts. I thought they were very professional and I gained so much from them.”

“I enjoyed this module. I can apply this in my own life as well as that of others so the process is a valuable tool to to use”

“Really good lectures, very thorough and comprehensive with a lot of good experienced advise given.”

“The clinic in a box is fantastic and will be so useful in the future. Thank you : ) The lectures, practicals and demo videos are great and really helped me to understand and visualise my self as a health coach and gave me confidence going into sessions! The handouts are very useful and will be great tools in the future.”

“Loved all the content in this module – l found the practical videos really helpful”

“Linda is such a superb coach and great to watch in action. I have learned so much from her. This section of the course was so well thought out with some great tools on offer and a fantastic Clinic in a box which I can see me using over and over again. I can’t fault this section of the training- it has improved my practise so much.”

“The lectures were really good, Linda is very knowledgeable, enjoyable to listen to and very motivating.”

“Excellent presentations and very helpful explanations by Linda who was continuously sharing with us real life scenarios from her vast experience with a wide variety of clients :)”

Practical Experience with Real-Life Case Studies

This helps to put the theory into practice. Students coach real clients under supervision. cementing theoretical knowledge as they practice giving them the confidence to become a safe, competent and confident Health Coach.

What our students say

“Working with actual clients was scary but thrilling.” 

“The practical client sessions were invaluable and really brought the whole programme to life.” 

The Business Module

What is the difference between marketing, promotion and advertising? How do you get clients? How do you make social media work for your business? All the answers are provided in the CNM business module. There are some fundamental truths you should follow to be successful, and there are also traps you need to avoid at all costs.

CNM Graduates are ready to start working with clients as soon as they complete the course, with a business plan already in place. There is a reason why over 80% of CNM graduates are practising. Having this business module under your belt prepares you for success.

What our students say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures, videos and all the supporting material, all of which was very well presented and put together to make for easy to understand and comprehensive learning.”

“The lecturer was absolutely brilliant. So thorough, and explained things in a way that felt easy to absorb.”

“Really well presented. Easy to follow. They managed to teach someone who has real difficulties with IT and modern online platforms and someone who has always had a vocational orientation and very little business orientation. So they must be good to transform my understanding.”

“The business modules helped me to focus on all the specific variables of my business plan, to clarify what exactly I want to do, and to feel confident I know how to proceed.”

“Very helpful lectures, as they offer a step by step guidance for the final steps required to kick-start our career :)”

“Never have I been taught marketing, promotion and finance the way it has been delivered by the College. This business module filled gaping holes in my knowledge.”

Student Portal

Whether you study online or in class, all your study material can be accessed via our bespoke student portal. Each lecture contains professionally produced videos and lecture notes. Quizzes, case studies, recipes, meal plans, client sample letters, latest evidenced based research, articles, regular webinars, tutorials and zoom sessions are all available to enrich your journey and make your studies as smooth as possible. Exchange with other students via our student forum and be part of the international CNM family.

CNM constantly produces additional high standard educational videos and podcasts. As a CNM student, you are the first to know about them. You can pause / rewind/ and re listen to lecture materials using your mobile device or PC as many times as you like wherever you are and whenever it suits you best. You don’t need to move until you feel you truly understood and grasped the subject. Should you have questions your tutor is just an email away.

What our students say

“The student portal was incredibly easy to navigate, even for a non-tech person like myself. I loved the video and pdf versions of the lectures, and the ‘Clinic in a box’ set of documents is very helpful in my everyday practice.”

Graduate With Confidence

Ultimately, all that matters is whether you can apply what you have studied and fulfil the dream you had when you signed up for the course.

You want to be with an experienced training provider who delivers what you have been looking for and hold a qualification which gives you confidence. The CNM Health Coach helps to achieve your personal goals and business objectives.

What our students say

‘I now run the wellbeing department in my law firm.’

‘I created my dream job within a year.’

‘I have been seeing clients from all over the world.’

‘I’ve turned my passion into a career.’

‘Health Coaching allowed me to future-proof my business and income.’

CNM Health Coaches are highly sought after in the industry

You will find CNM graduates who set up their own private practice (online or in person); have roles in healthcare (privately or within the government/NHS); are working in multi-disciplinary clinics alongside other practitioners; coaching in corporate settings; running group coaching programmes; teaching and writing – the world is waiting for you!

Once you graduate you are eligible to join the CNM Business Club which supports CNM graduates in all business matters or the CNM Writers Club should you be interested in writing, articles, using social media or getting your book on the Amazon bestseller list.

What our students say

‘I work part-time as a health & well-being coach in GP practices, I coach private clients and do some corporate work too’

‘After gaining an NHS position as a Health Coach and I couldn’t be more pleased!’

‘I now have a profitable business as a Health Coach working exclusively with women.’

‘I’m helping people from all over the world live a healthier lifestyle.’

‘I have set up my own business which has proven to be very successful.’

What our Graduates have to say

National & International Accreditation & Recognition