Our Mission

  • To provide students with thorough practice-oriented training.
  • To train students to become competent and successful CNM Health Coaches.
  • To make sure the CNM Health Coach training is widely recognised and respected in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.
  • To continuously raise the profile or the CNM Health Coach in society.
  • To support and promote CNM Health Coaches after graduation.

CNM was established in London in 1998. More colleges followed across the UK and Ireland. Today, CNM is the UK’s leading provider, offering diploma courses in class and online, in a range of natural therapies:

Health Coaches partner with clients in order to facilitate long term health change. They believe unreservedly in a person’s ability to adapt their diet and lifestyle and will work with clients to help themselves.

The role of a Health Coach is to motivate, support and educate their clients toward useful health information in a respectful and non-judgmental way to produce recommendations a client can adopt, that will create powerful, long-lasting health change.

The CNM Health Coach Training has been developed to meet increasing demand from clients and health professionals who do not have the time and skills to administer and coach clients to achieve stable health results.

A Health Coach does not diagnose, prescribe or treat clients and does not replace a Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath, Health Practitioner or Medical Doctor.