The opportunities for Health Coaches

Hema Rathod – Health Coach

Studying to become a Health Coach has enabled me to change my career direction and given me the flexibility to choose when and where I work.

A solid foundation to help others change their lives

Before embarking on the Health Coach training, I worked as an IT consultant. I decided to become a Health Coach as I was looking for a career where I could help people. I looked into nursing and allied health roles; however, the training was a minimum of two years. Fortunately, I stumbled upon CNM and was fascinated by their range of unique courses. I was immediately drawn to the Health Coach course as it offered me a solid foundation upon which I can assist people holistically, naturally and directly.

Understanding how the body works was mind-blowing

All the course modules contributed to my overall development as a Health Coach; however, what I enjoyed most was learning about how the body works. It built upon what I had learnt in school and I recall how much I had enjoyed it back then. Understanding how the body functions and what it requires to thrive was a key highlight for me.

A flexible and rewarding career

Becoming a Health Coach has given me the opportunity to be part of a growing holistic industry, and a rewarding career. I can choose how I work – whether it be doing private one-on-one consultations or coaching clients in a group setting. There are so many opportunities for Health Coaches.

Now qualified, I’m focusing on helping pre-diabetics manage their diet and lifestyle to avoid falling into the Type 2 diabetes category. I’m currently working on launching my career as a Health Coach and soon to launch my website. I am also busy working on relevant content for my followers, creating recipes and tips for pre-diabetics.