My passion was far from crunching numbers

It genuinely warms my heart when I see my clients looking brighter on every visit.

What date did you graduate?

December 2022

What did you do before studying at CNM?

I was a Global Business Services Manager for a large accounting practice. I became a qualified accountant in 2010 but after many years working in the corporate world, I found that my passion was far from crunching numbers and the true enjoyment in my role came from coaching my team members. I loved supporting them to meet their goals and objectives and empowering them to take actionable steps to further their knowledge, experience and careers. I was never really a numbers girl anyway 😊

What made you want to become a health coach?

My own wellness journey began back in 2020 when I developed recurring headaches and persistent lower back pain. After numerous visits to the GP, referrals for MRI scans and being prescribed an array of painkillers and medications, I decided it was time to take my health into my own hands. I played close attention to the food choices I was making, the way I moved my body, hydration, sleep, relaxation and breath-work which took me on a path of discovery and ultimately led me to CNM. After attending an open day in January 2021, that was it, I was adamant that this was where I needed to be, using my communication and people skills to do what I love most in a field that I had grown so passionate about. I enrolled onto the Naturopathic Nutrition course and began my studies in March 2021. It made complete sense to me to sign up to the Health Coach course the following year because it complements the Nutrition course so well.

What attracted you to CNM’s Health Coach Course?

I already knew that I loved the flexibility that online learning with CNM provided me, and I was really enjoying the format in which the nutrition course was delivered. I attended another open day with CNM to learn more about what the Health Coach course could offer and enrolled onto the course without hesitation.

What did you most enjoy about the course?

I really enjoyed the practical aspect of the course, especially as I was an online student, studying from home. The assignments gave me the opportunity to put into practise what I had learned with family and friends, which was great for my development and confidence. The business modules gave me the tools I needed to get started with my Health Coach venture.

How has studying the Health Coach diploma changed your life?

Since qualifying as a Health Coach I have left the world of accounting and set up my own Health Coaching and Wellbeing business ‘The Root Cause’. I am so happy that I get to do a job that I love, educating and empowering my clients to incorporate healthy habits into their life, supporting and motivating them along the way to feeling their best.

What do you love about being a Health Coach?

I absolutely love working with people and helping them to achieve amazing results. It genuinely warms my heart when I see my clients looking brighter on every visit. They bounce in with more energy and big genuine smiles on their faces that show me they feel radiant – there is no better job satisfaction than that!