I loved the course

Anna Piechura, Health Coach Graduate

The course structure is flexible and the tutors are amazing. Despite studying online, the course was so interactive – it felt like I was studying in class. The slides and resources are comprehensive and easy-to-follow.

A credible and accredited training course

After working in the corporate sector for years, I decided to change careers to become a Health Coach as I was seeking a more fulfilling job. Having suffered with chronic and debilitating autoimmune conditions myself, I wanted to help others improve their health.

I began researching courses and came across CNM whose courses really stood out. Studying at a credible, well-known and accredited training college was important to me. Initially I wanted to study naturopathy and herbal medicine but I couldn’t financially commit to those courses at the time, so I enrolled in the Health Coach diploma instead.

A comprehensive syllabus with invaluable modules

What appealed to me most about CNM’s Health Coach course is its naturopathic, holistic approach. The syllabus is very comprehensive and covers all the things I wanted to learn to increase my knowledge base. The marketing module was mind blowing – it was like doing a separate marketing diploma. The pricing module was also invaluable and has helped me put my packages together and structure my business.

I turned my passion into a career

Studying at CNM has changed my life – it’s finally given me a path to do what I love and I’ve been able to turn my passion for health into a full-time career. It’s also given me the credibility I was seeking. I’ve been able to help other people and change their lives for the better including myself and my daughter. I used to be disabled and in constant pain with Rheumatoid Arthritis, psoriasis and Hashimoto’s; however, I was able to reverse my health by changing my diet and lifestyle. My daughter is now eczema-free after I made major changes to her diet. Being able to help improve people’s health is so rewarding.

Since graduating, I’ve set up my health coaching practice where I do one-to-one and group coaching. I’m also creating a range of products using herbs and aromatherapy oils.

My advice to anyone thinking about studying to become a Health Coach at CNM is to do it! It’s an amazing course and if you’re passionate about health and helping others, you won’t regret it.

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