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You have been recommended to study with CNM. Many graduates recommend CNM because of our excellent global reputation, industry-leading clinical hours and flexible study options.

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Why study with CNM?

At CNM you’ll find students from all walks of life, the main reasons why they choose CNM:

  • CNM is the UK and Ireland’s No 1 training provider for Natural therapies
  • CNM’s options to study part-time, full-time or online
  • CNM’s unmatched focus on clinical application and practice
  • CNM’s commitment to train students to become successful practitioners
  • 80% of CNM graduates are practising (part time or full time)
  • CNM’s naturopathic approach – looking at the whole person, rather than symptoms
  • CNM’s highly qualified lecturers who are all practising themselves
  • CNM’s good reputation in the UK, Europe and internationally


Accredited by the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners)
UK & Ireland

Approved by the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and EU.

What our students are saying:

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Become a Professional Health Coach

  • Plan and evaluate best health regimes for clients
  • Coach clients to achieve health goals
  • Understand the role of personalised nutrition
  • Business development, marketing, promotion and how to establish a successful business
  • How the body works and when to refer to other health professionals
  • Understand healthy diets, identify missing nutrients and healthy fats
  • Best foods for anti-aging and weight loss
  • Best lifestyle for optimised heath, popular dietary models
  • Learn about the effect of food additives, environmental toxins, how to detox efficiently
  • Master effective Health Coaching techniques, effective ways to communicate and how to motivate clients
  • Exercise and fitness regimes

Health Coach Training Course

How the Body Works

Understand the functions of all body systems and know when to refer to an expert.

Nutrition and Health

Optimal nutrition to stay healthy and get back to health. More energy, optimum weight and a good sleep.

Fitness and Health

Plan and evaluate exercises for all age groups. Coaching Skills to achieve set goals.

Coaching and Health

How to facilitate health change and work with clients to release their full potential.

Business, PR & Marketing

All the tools to turbo charge your start up and develop a thriving business.